"Fire does not discriminate." – Halibax family words

Darien Halibax was the last to join the expedition to destroy the Glutton. A novice in the Mages' Guild, Darien was young and untested, more content to pore over ancient tomes studying the deep theory of magic than engage in the flashy spellcasting of his peers. When Gemma Cugliotti and her companions came looking for arcane assistance, the other mages balked at the seemingly impossible task, but Darien gathered his research and set out with them toward the dark heart of the world. It was he who struck the final blow against the Glutton, scouring it from the world with a blast of magic so powerful that it carved the Darkmount itself in half.

Darien founded his own Mages' Guild in Corbia, where he hoped to teach a new style of arcane craft based on a meticulous understanding of the fundamental laws of magic. However, his descendants have grown slovenly, relying on the significant trove of powerful magic left to them to consolidate their own power and indulge their decadent lifestyles. Currently House Halibax is the smallest of the five families but also considered the most unpredictable, and all of the others fear their erratic nature and unstable hold on the powerful magics that prop them up.

Family Colors: Purple and Silver

Family Crest: Serpent


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