"Blood is the dearest coin." – Cugliotti family words

The Cugliotti line is descended from Gemma Cugliotti, a peerless warrior and founder of the Cugliotti school of swordsmanship. She carves a swath through the hordes of the Glutton and held off an army single-handedly while her companions slew the dark god. Afterwards she used the spoils of their victory to build a great training academy for warriors and adventurers, as well as founding the Corbia City Guard. Gemma Cugliotti's dream was to secure her legacy by providing for generations of warriors trained to fight for the common good.

However, more recent generations of the Cugliottis have turned the Academy to their own purposes, churning out mercenaries, thugs, and killers which they use to impose their will upon the city. The current head of the family is Eduardo Cugliotti, a ruthless and bloodthirsty tyrant who is himself an expert duelist. The Cugliottis have the other four families outmatched in sheer numbers but lack their resources and are often forced to sell their swords to the highest bidders in the inter-family wars rather than moving directly against them

Family Colors: Crimson and Black

Family Crest: Wild Cat


City Guard

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Pit Fighters


The Manticores


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