"By Tooth and Claw." – Melfi family words

For decades Jayda Melfi was a legend, the Huntress of the Wastes, a ranger in perfect tune with nature patrolling the wilds around the Darkmount and hunting the Dark Gods' most fiendish creations, keeping them from wreaking havoc on the greater world. When the call went out to challenge the Glutton, Jayda answered, and she battled the great dark creature head-on, harrying it with her bow and buying her friends precious time to cast the spell that destroyed it. Jayda Melfi departed again for the wilds after their victory, but her progeny would return to Corbia to claim their birthright.

The Melfi family controls the livestock and fishing trades which are necessary to Corbia's survival since the Glutton blighted the land, and they maintain a stranglehold on the Red Quarter and Corbia's massive slaughterhouses. The current head of the family, Deanna Melfi, also maintains a large menagerie of rare and dangerous monsters, which she is all too happy to use against rival families when push comes to shove.

Family Colors: Green and brown

Family Crest: Wolf


Butchers Guild




Sons of the Leviathan


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