"Faith above all else." – Daedalion family words

When the five heroes marched against the forces of the Glutton, they marched under the protection of Sister Pious IX, a devout cleric of the Queen Mother. As the party was assailed with all the foul magics of the dark gods, the divine protection of Sister Pious never faltered. After their victory, she founded a great church to the seven gods at the summit of the Darkmount. She took in the lost orphans freed from enslavement by the dark gods, and they became the beginnings of House Daedalion.

The Daedalions control the church, and with it the hearts and minds of the common people. They administer to the city's faithful and mete out punishment on those they judge to be sinners. For generations the house has been led by Father Daedalion, the masked high priest who many assume is a title passed down through the generations. There are however dark rumors that the church's inner circle and their mysterious Silent Guard have prolonged their lives through dark rituals, blood sacrifices, and cursed necromancy.

Family Colors: Ivory and Gold

Family Crest: Eagle


The Church


The Ragged Men


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