The Dark Quarter

The massive blast of arcane energy that destroyed the Glutton once and for all also blasted a hole in the side of the Darkmount, carving away a huge chunk of the mountain and leaving a massive hollow below. As the river rushed into the hollow, it created a natural bay, and as the city of Corbia grew up around the mountain a port was built in the bay, which expanded into what is now known as the Dark Quarter of Corbia. 

The Dark Quarter is a study in contrasts, the wealth and grandeur of the markets and the Grand Courthouse towering over the abject poverty of the surrounding slums and the ramshackle dangers of the docks. While some merchants and minor nobles have made homes along the river, the majority of the residents of the Dark Quarter are commoners and criminals too poor to move out from under the shadow of the mountain. Many of those who live deep in the Dark Quarter rarely see the sun, and have to cope with the nobles of the Upper Tier emptying their trash barrels and chamberpots over their heads. Life expectancies are low, but if you're looking to do shady business, you likely end up in the Dark Quarter one way or the other.

Locations of Note

[[The Devil's Door]]

[[The Fool's Fortune]]


Grand Courthouse

The Harbor Market

The Dark Quarter

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