"Hone the mind." – Qarazzo family words

Anthony Qarazzo, the younger brother of Gemma Cugliotti, was an ingenious rogue and tinkerer who made groundbreaking advances in electrical engineering, automation, and architecture all before the age of 16. He followed his sister into battle with the Glutton, and his inventions and quick thinking were crucial in gaining the upper hand against the beast. After the Glutton had been defeated, Anthony devoted his intellect to mapping out the tunnels beneath Blackmount and designing the city that would rise up in the ruins of the Glutton's dark empire. He electrified the city and built its sewer system, and founded its first bank as well as the mechanics' union.

While the Qarazzos lack the manpower of the Cugliottis and the Melfis and the arcane might of the Daedalions and the Halibaxes, they have maintained a stranglehold on the city's infrastructure and economy, and as such the other families fear their wrath perhaps more than any other house. While the Qarazzos have continued to produce genius intellects, their grasp on sanity has been slipping even as their hold on power grows tighter. The current head of the house, Alphonse Qarazzo, is said to be paranoid and half-mad, never leaving his heavily-trapped estate at the summit of Blackmount.

Family Colors: Blue and Bronze

Family Crest: Spider


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