Gods of Corbia

"Seven from One. Fourteen from Seven. One from Seven. One to fall."

In the beginning there was one god, who shaped the earth and the oceans and the heavens, who brought forth the trees and the beasts and the thinking races to worship his glory. But even in his perfection the One constantly warred within himself, for he contained all of the virtues and all of the sins of the world. Existence itself was almost torn asunder, and in order to save his creation the One split himself into Seven, each representing an aspect of his personality.

For a thousand thousand years, the Seven ruled harmoniously over the world. But their creations were imperfect reflections of themselves, and evil grew within their hearts. Slowly the gods found themselves corrupted by their own creations, and in a cataclysm that shook the heavens the Dark Gods emerged, twisted reflections of the perfection of the Seven. There followed a millennium of war, an age of mighty heroes and brutal warlords doing battle in the names of their gods.

The Dark Gods were powerful, but they fell prey to their own natures. Where the Light Gods fought together for the good of the world, the Dark Gods undermined their war efforts with constant infighting and plotting. 

The Light Gods

The Queen Mother

The Stalwart

The Clockwork Crone

The Barefoot Child

The Dancing Maiden

The Ragged Traveler

The Watcher


The Dark Gods

The Shining King

The Chained Titan

The Grasping Leviathan

The Sighing Prince

The Beast that Would Swallow the World

The Sleeping Giant

The Man in the Box

The Others


Gods of Corbia

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